Youth Ministry

Youth Minister: Caleb, Kerri Monaghan



Welcome to the Youth Ministry at Westside Baptist Church!

The Youth Ministry at WBC is an exciting program for young people in the seventh through twelfth grades. We are dedicated to equipping and challenging every young person to live for Christ in their everyday life.   The ministry is more than young people having fun (although we try to do a lot of that) we seek to make a difference in the lives of students.
To help youth better understand the call of Christ..the join them in the journey of faith through conversion and to disciple them as to what it means to be a Christian and a Baptist. To assist parents in raising their children through the teenage years by encouraging, supporting, teaching, and fellowship. To help our youth learn to play and have fun in a way that is productive physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Come visit the youth ministry where you will find Bible-based wisdom, a positive peer group, and a friendly atmosphere to serve the Lord!
  June 2021  
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